Wednesday, August 12, 2009

[Not SQL-related] Networking Through Existing House Wires

I seldom write about non-SQL topics, but this product was just too great. Last night I purchased and installed a Linksys Powerline AV Network Kit (model PLK300).

Problem: We moved to a new house about two months ago. Our wireless (N) router is at one end of the house on the main floor. I was trying to connect a computer in the basement on the other end of the house. That room receives zero cell service, and I found that the wireless signal was too weak. I purchased two different receivers, but neither worked.

Solution: After talking with someone at Best Buy about what options we had, we purchased the "Powerline Network Kit". It routes the network signals over your home's existing power wires.

Installation was dead simple. Plug one unit into the router; plug the other unit into the receiving computer. They both plug into the regular wall outlet. Bingo. It worked. The only thing I had to do was plug both into the outlet without going through a surge suppressor. That was explained in the brief installation instructions.

The receiver has four ethernet ports, but I'm only using one. The speed seems quite good.

Nice product. Great solution to my problem.

[Slight] Caveat: The little stands are a waste. The units are so light that the cables make them fall over. Pitch the stands and just lay them down flat. That works great.

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