Monday, November 20, 2006

Back from PASS 2006

I had a great time at PASS 2006. The classes were great. The keynotes were great. I got to have lunch with two great people from Microsoft, Cihangir Biyikoglu (Cihan) and Ward Pond.

I have been working with Cihan for quite awhile now and always value his knowledge and advice. His class on Friday was very well attended and quite interesting.

I had been reading Ward's blog but had never met him. I just commented in his blog that I would like to meet him. We spent an hour and a half talking Friday at lunch about design, Microsoft, the plight of development-focused database people*, and many other topics.

Overall, it was a great week and definitely worth all the money Corillian paid for me to be there.


* The question: Why do so many organizations have database administrators to clean up the problems in their databases. Why not just hire more (and/or better) database developers so that the databases are designed and programmed better? Then there wouldn't be such a mess to clean up.

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